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Neversink Mountain Reservoir

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The Neversink Reservoir was built in 1936, on just over 29 acres of land, which was acquired by the city in 1865 for $890. The cost of construction, including fixing the initial leaks, was $202,000.

The Reservoir is a flat spot on the western end of Neversink, about the size of a softball field, about 2/3 of the way up the hill from 10th & South playground.


The Neversink Reservoir was constructed in 1936 and holds 9,922,000 gallons. This underground basin is 26 feet deep. The length and width is 231 feet. It is made of concrete, and contains just over 19 feet of fresh water when it’s full, which is mainly in the evening when demand is low. The top of the reservoir is held up by huge concrete pillars, making the inside look like an ancient temple.

  • basin.jpg
    Interior of the Neversink Reservoir at its completion in 1936.

The water is piped in from the Maidencreek watershed, and when full, contains 9.92 million gallons of water. The reservoir is still very much in use, and supplies east Reading with its drinking water.


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