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Buttonwood Street Reservoir

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The Buttonwood Street Reservoir consists of two tanks.

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    Buttonwood Street Reservoir.

The south tank was completed in 1895 and covered in 1910. It holds 926,000 gallons, with a length of 130 feet and 105 feet in width, with a depth of 24.5 feet.


The north tank, constructed in 1939, holds 3,210,000 gallons. Its length is 206 feet with a width of 106 feet and a depth 24 feet. The reservoir serves the high service system. The reservoir was a Public Works Administration (PWA) sponsored project. The sides of the basin are of concrete heavily reinforced by concrete buttress walls on the inside.


At close intervals on the inside are columns two feet in diameter, supporting the eight inch thick concrete roof. On the roof is a layer of earth, four feet thick, to carry grass and shrubbery.


The two basin reservoirs are connected by a 12 inch main. The north tank (basin no. 2) is connected with a 10 inch pipe extension from a main on Green Street. A 12 inch cross-connecting pipe between basins assures parallel operation of both basins. Valving is provided that can isolate either basin. Elevation at bottom of reservoir is 610 feet, overflow is 631 feet.


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