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   John Nolen, Paradise Planned: Wyomissing Park

   Kershners Served Biggest Plate of Ice Cream in Berks County; and It Was Spiked

   Spring Valley Hotel at Bernharts, Muhlenberg Township

   Alsace Hill Tunnel

   Reading/Berks Drive-in Theaters: A History

   May Day at Charles S. Foos Elementary School in 1956

   10th and Windsor Market House

   James Nolan

   Sho-Boat, Reading, PA

   Temple Inn

   Queen of the Valley Diner

   Madeira Farm and Airfield, Kutztown Rd., Reading, PA


   End of Trolley Service in Reading, PA

   White Chapel, Albright College

   The Embassy Theatre, Reading, PA

   Santa Banned from Annual Christmas Parade at Reading

   Reading, PA: A Slovak Christmas, 1994

   Reading, PA Reclaims Garbage and Lowers Disposal Costs, April 1946

   Outlet City, 1974

   History of the Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute/Penn State Berks

   Keystone Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, 2nd and Penn Streets, Reading, PA

   Heaven-Sent Beer

   Penn Hardware Company, Reading, PA

   Green Spot

   Park School, Reading, PA

   The Corrupt City: Reading, Pennsylvania

   The Grand Opera House Theatre, Reading, PA

   W. T. Grant Co., Reading, PA

   The Dreamland Park Murders

   Fifth and Spring School

   Tyson-Schoener Elementary School

   The Lyric Theatre, 808-810 Penn Street, Reading, PA

   B. & J. Saylor Food Store, 4th and Penn Streets, Reading, PA

   The Ritz Theatre, Reading, PA

   Reading Girls' High School, Reading, PA

   Market Square, Reading, PA

   Modernization and Urban Renewal of Penn Street, Reading, PA

   The Strand Theater, 9th and Spring Streets

   Penn Square Pedestrian Mall

   Richards' Toy Corner

   Outlet Capital of the World - Discount Mecca of the East

   Reading & Berks County Outlets

   Mineral Pigments  of East Reading

   Haak Farm in East Reading

   Rose Valley & East Reading Expansion

   South Reading Market House

   Gruber Wagon Works

   Streets of Reading Towne

   Cigar-Makers of Reading, PA

   Reading Railroad Massacre

   Joseph Hiester

   Bern Township

   800 Block of Penn Street, South Side

   2nd Penn Street Bridge

   1770 Jail, Northeast Corner of 5th and Washington Streets

   Reading Company No. 1251

   End of the Line - Last Passenger Train to Reading

   Penn Street Viaduct

   Comfort Station at 5th and Penn Streets

   Dengler's - Mount Penn Borough

   Origin of the Name Schuylkill

   Seashore Mansion of William H. Luden

   Medieval Law - Hangings in Berks County

   Widow Finney's Town - Reading, PA

   Reading Skyline Drive

   Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Pedestrian Overpass

   Berkshire Hotel, Reading, PA

   Americus Club Special

   McCrory's 5 and 10 Cent Store - Penn Square

   South of Penn Pool

   Hampden Park Civil War Field Guns

   The Stone Heart, Reading, PA

   Reading Red Sox, Reading, PA

   Douglas and Weiser Junior High School, Charles S. Foos School

   A Colonial Wedding Trip Up Mt. Penn

   The Reading Station Outlet Center

   The Lauer Mansion

   Mount Penn "Peace Sign" Restored

   Columbus Day, 1892 - The Great Catholic Parade

   Wright Biplane over Mt. Penn and Reading - 1914

   Reading Beltway - Reading's first planned Bypass

   Old Glory Flies at Pagoda Again

   Hershey Candy Factory - 804 Penn Street, Reading, PA

   Borough of Sinking Spring - Named After Spring

   Replica of Carpenters’ Hall, Philadelphia – 8th and Penn Streets, Reading, PA

   Plan Mix-up: Building designed for a Southern City

   History of the Berks County Courthouse

   The First Catholic Church in Reading, PA

   Southeast Corner of 5th & Penn Streets. 1765 - 2005

   J. P. Sellers & Co. Clothiers & Tailors, 6th & Penn Streets, Reading, PA

   History of the Old Federal Inn

   City Park Rose Garden

   Frederick Lauer and His Monument

   Early Indian Dam at Tulpehocken Creek

   Josiah Dives, George Strickland Pomeroy, and Johh Stewart, cofounders of Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart Dept. Store, forerunner of Pomeroy's

   History of The Washington Towers Apartment Building

   History of The Madison Building

   John Phillip Sousa, "March King," succumbed to death in Reading, PA

   The Reading Iron Company

   City Park - Remembered Through Postcards

   The Penn Street Reservoir and Skating Rinks

   The Founding of the Reading Water Company - 1819

   In God We Trvst

   Old St. Joseph's Hospital - Former Site of Vollmer's Vineyard

   Construction of the Penn Street Viaduct

   Yuengling's Ice Cream - The Prohibition Years

   5th and Penn Streets Comfort Station

   Volunteer Firemen's Monument, City Park, Reading, PA

   Independence Island along the Schuylkill River

   Stairway to the Reading Pagoda

   History of Reading Newspapers

   Location of the Mount Penn Amphitheater

   The Lost Mount Penn Amphitheater

   History of the Reading City Park Kiddie Kastle

   Relocation of the Gruber Wagon Works

   Tremendous Flood of 1850

   Leinbach & Bros. - Makers and Retailers of Fine Clothing.

   The History of the former Bachman Pretzel Company

   Helltown - a Northeastern Suburb

   Angelica Bridge - first paved flooring bridge in Berks County

   The Pennsylvania House Hotel

   West Reading Hotel

   The Old Farmers' Hotel

   Nolen Favored Grouping of Public Buildings in 1909

   Wilhelm Mansion - Adrienne's Inn

   History of the Warren Street and West Shore Bypasses

   History of the Reading Fair

   The Stocker Brewery - 2100 N. 11th Street

   Abandoned Mine Shafts in Reading, PA

   Mount Penn Peace Sign

   Hickory, dickory, dock, where is the clock?

   Berks County Prison - Much Ado About Nothing

   Berks County Court House

   A Brief History of Penn's Common (City Park)

   Penn Square Traffic Circle - A Troubled Past

   Iron Water Spring, City Park

   James Hervey Sternbergh - The Reading Bolt and Nut Works

   Early Education in Reading

   Residence of Ferdinand Winter

   West Reading Town Plan

   Dengler's (Borough of Mount Penn)

   Riot in 1877

   The Lauer Brewing Company

   Count Berthold von Imhoff

   C. K. Whitner Co. Department Store

   Southeast Corner of Third and Penn Streets Nearly 190 Years Ago

   History of the Lindbergh Viaduct

   The First Store in Reading - "Old White Store"

   History of the Rajah Shrine

   Out-lot 34

   Pendora Park - The Great White City

   Neversink - "A Reclaimed Mountain"

   A Hyphenated American.

   Reading News Building, 22-24 North Fifth

The Corrupt City: Reading, PA

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The Dreamland Park Murders

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Development of the Catholic Faith

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Scenes of the Former Reading
Transit and Light Company